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The 7 most asked questions

1) Do you have the capacity to carry out this work?

We have always been able to fit jobs in or accommodate our client’s projects. We will work with you to find the best fit, time wise, for the start and finish of your project.

2) How much will my project cost?

We can provide you with a rough price range from your sketches at an early stage. Then if this fits your budget we will prepare a detailed estimate to establish a contract price.

3) Can we select our own appliances?

Appliances are generally listed under the prime cost items and we can help you with their selection or you can go off and select your own.

4) Who will design our kitchen?

We have several cabinet makers that we work with on a regular basis. We will match you up with one that we think will be best suited to your project and then work through the design with you and the cabinet maker.

5) Can we arrange for our own carpets?

We generally list carpets as a provisional sum item, we have a preferred supplier but we are equally happy for you to go off and choose your own carpets.

6) Can you help with the colour scheme and interior design?

We have a colour consultant and interior designer that we work with on a regular basis with some great outcomes.

7) How will we know how we stand financially as the project progresses?

Every one of our clients will have online access to their own project via our website and will always be able to see how the costs and budget are tracking.